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After a building has made its way through the design process and a construction company has been chosen to put everything together, construction can finally begin. This is an exciting time, because it is the product of all the hard work done by those involved, but it’s also a time when supervision is essential to ensure everything goes according to plan.

As the architects involved in the design of your building, Mega World Builder Corp. is perfectly situated to provide full time site representation. Under our watchful eye, the project can be completed on time, and to a high standard.


Once the design period is over and it’s time to move onto the construction, Mega World Builder Corp. can be present throughout. Our presence at the construction site can guarantee that what is on paper is accurately translated, and that the end product matches what the client had in mind.

Site representation is an excellent idea for construction projects of all kinds, because it helps protect against any communication errors or mix ups that lead to a completed building not being up to the client’s standards.

As qualified site representatives, Mega World Builder Corp. can serve as your surrogate, acting on your behalf and preventing any inconsistencies from making their way into the final product.

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