We believe that in order for our clients to be successful, their projects must endure the ravages time and stylistic change. In order to create and add true value in our clients’ projects we design to those core elements of design that are timeless: scale proportion culture, market, and permanence.

This design culture is dependent upon a truly collaborative approach with our clients. Understanding a project’s specific challenges and then applying the most skilled resources to attain the most creative solution is our process. Along the way the design vision is not lost in the hand-off from one discipline to another. Project teams are brought together that specialize in particular building type. These experts then follow the project all the way through the design and constructing process. Each team will have specialized design, technical and construction management personnel dedicated to the project.

Our extensive historical knowledge of building detailing allows us to design to any building character required without becoming trite or false in our approach. This track record of architectural detailing also has lead to a number of award-winning designs that, years later, continue to meet or clients’ demands. Our knowledge of the construction process gives us insight that permeates the building designs and construction structures we build.

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Mega World Builder Corp. provides a complete line of architectural services for large or small scale construction projects and is recognized for reliable technical expertise and design excellence. Our qualified team of professional architects, engineers and administrative professionals has successfully managed a diverse range of residential and commercial building projects in the New York region with outstanding results.

Mega World Builder Corp. seeks to integrate practical architectural solutions through a variety of services that include:

>  Project conception
>  Schematic design
>  Project development
>  Construction documents
>  Construction bid and negotiations
>  Construction project management
>  Feasibility studies
>  Site selection
>  Building condition audits
>  Programming
>  Interior design
> 3D renderings & promotional
>  Site representation
> Contract preparation


Hiring an architect to help guide you through a residential renovation project, such as a kitchen extension, or basement upgrade. It can also minimize costs in the long run and allow you to achieve the full potential of your home in Houston.

The benefits of hiring an architect are endless. They not only help you navigate the labyrinth of design options but are able to foresee and prevent potential complications. A professional Architect will save you a lot of stress, time and money. They will work tirelessly so you can achieve your desired result and will help with the following:


Your design is complete and you’re ready for the next step, building! However, if your building is not zone approved you could be in for some serious trouble. An architect will make sure the legal work is completed before the construction process even begins.


Your architect will help you with the creation process, depending on their area of expertise. They will spend hours writing detailed descriptions of building and design materials. All of your ideas must be transcribed formerly for cost and instructive purposes.


As a homeowner, you’ll notice that overseeing a construction project is a lot of work and can cause an enormous amount of anxiety. You won’t be losing your artistic input by hiring an architect. If anything you’ll be saving yourself a lot of headaches. You are not getting paid to manage your design project or deal with minor issues. A professional manager will keep your creativity flowing and the stress at bay.

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