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Your home should fill you with a sense of calm. It should be a relaxing space where you can unwind, entertain and create memories. A home is likely the biggest investment you will make during your lifetime, so why settle for something that is anything short of perfect?

At Mega World Builder Corp., we view Houston homes as blank canvases—they are fully customizable structures that can be molded to fit your specific tastes. Houses built from the ground up aren’t an option for everyone, but you don’t have to have a custom-built home to have a space that’s reflective of your style.


Living in a house that’s fully representative of your personality doesn’t have to mean moving. With Mega World Builder Corp.’s expert eye and extensive experience, working with one of our interior designers is all it takes to transform your current space into the home of your dreams.

From top to bottom remodeling to space planning services, Mega World Builder Corp. handles all aspects of interior design. We have years of experience finding elegant, modern design solutions for spaces of all sizes, and take care to work side by side with our clients to ensure we always have their interests at heart.

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